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My name Artjom Kurepin, I am doing video production such as wedding, commercial and presentation films, music and sports videos and other films like shortcut movies since 2008.

Artem Kurepin is prize winner of Russian and international competitions wedding video, as well as a jury member of the European competition wedding video.

Founder of WEDEMOTIONS wedding photo and video studio.

You have access to everything possible services video shooting weddings, pre-wedding videos and family movies. A rich selection of additional options such as installation of the clip on your wedding day and showing it at the banquet, comic-shifters interviews with guests, business live events including the ability to broadcast on the Internet, shooting with air using a multicopter and more.

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ARTKU FILMS is a studio producing all kinds of video content such as wedding videos, commercial, music videos, presentation films, cinema and etc since 2008.

In 2011 specially for weddings was created a WEDEMOTIONS photo and video studio, which is the leader  in wedding market of Saint-Petersburg and Russia.

We do aerial photo and video since 2011.

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